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Field Herping Field Herping Red Diamond Rattlesnake Do not touch this one! 137287163 Red Diamond Rattlesnake 137305309 Night Snake This one was tiny. 133727654 My Herper Family 133727545 Garter Snake Little Baby 133727547 Spiny Tailed Lizzard This one was just hanging out in the tree. 133727546 Horned Lizard We removed this guy form the road. 133727548 Coastal Rosy Boa 133727649 Baby Leaf Nose Snake My daughter was holding this one. 133727650 Adult Leaf Nose Snake 133727652 Leaf Nose Snake 133727656 Where I Want to Be This is an awesome place. 133727651 Toad on the Road 133727653 Tree Frog You cannot see me. 134309746 Cutest Little Herper I Know She is holding a baby Garter Snake. 133727655 Gopher Snake This guy was crossing the road so we moved him. 133727657 Fence Lizard 133727658 Concerned Little Herper Fence Lizard on a boy. 133727659 Garter Snake 137305310 Garter Snake 137305311 Leaf Nose Snake These are the coolest snakes. 137305312 Desert Hairy Scorpion These come from Arizona and Ca. 205774160 Shovel Nose Snake These are a small burrowing sand snake. 205774161 Longnose Snake These are a species of dedert Colubrid. 205774162 Desert Gecko These come from all over the place in the desert. 205774163 Glossy Snake This is a gravid female crossing the road. 205774164 Grasshopper 205774165 Sidewinder This is one of the small species of rattlesnakes in the desert. 205774166