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Tarahumara Boas

The 2022 litter had some great looking boas in it.  It was difficult to decide which ones to hold back.  They are $800 plus shipping this year (Sold Out).  I have two litters coming is late July 2023.



Tarahumara Boa (Boa sigma)

T+ Albino Whitewater Rosy Boa

These babies were born 9/2/22.  They are awesome looking as adults.  They are $300 plus shipping. (Sold Out)

Whitewater Albino Rosy Boa

Triv Crosses

These rosy boas are the product of a m‚Äčorph in progress.  They are crosses of two boas that are heterozygous for the T+ albino gene.  The parents are typically known as "het for triv albino" in the rosy boa morph world. They are possibly het albino and 

$200 plus shipping.  (Actual Image and video are coming soon)

San Matias Crosses

This year seems to be the year to get some interesting crosses.  Normally I am obsessed with producing locality pure animals; however, some opportunities presented themselves this season so I went with it.  These are all possibly heterozygous T+ albino.  They are $200 plus shipping.  (Sold Out)